Buy the latest Nintendo R4 3DS

1For all the Nintendo game fans, the latest release in Nintendo game world is the r4 3ds card which is compatible to all DS editions of different types of languages. This new r4 has been updated to the latest RTS which allows user to save their game progress and allows the gamer to continue from their last game. A gamer can now continue to play the same game and continue to increase their game progress without losing any progress they have made the last time.

The game has been much anticipated and with the release of this latest r4i, gamer can now play different games using just one card. The new r4 3ds makes the game more interesting and old Nintendo fans can once again pick up their console and start playing more games and keep themselves entertained. The new improved r4 cart also allows faster loading which keeps the gamer interested and the game more exciting and fun.

The Nintendo R4 3ds is also compatible to all DS edition and supports DSi, DSL, LL and XL. The new 11111 also supports instant backup of the game, gives guides and tips instantly and also allows and gives cheats while playing the game. These new features make the game more interesting to play. Once you start using r4 3ds, you can easily get addicted to the game. With cheats and guides to help you when you are playing, the game becomes more fun as you able to easily progress in the game.

The new nintendo r4 3ds card has made the game much faster keeps the gamer interested. The new interface is much smoother to use and easy. The special package includes the r4 3ds car and memory card reader. You can easily connect it to your device and use the card. Installation is simple and easy.


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